Pact Organic Is Your One Stop For Ethical Leggings

The fashion industry is not always the most ethical industry in the world.  That is why I like finding brands that are doing business for a purpose.  Pact Organic is committed to organic cotton to minimize their impacts on the environment.  They improve the quality of life and improve conditions of the people who make their clothing.


Pact Organic united the collective vision of responsible manufacturing, cotton farming, values-based shopping, and sustainable and ethical certifications.  Growing organic cotton keeps families and farmers safe.  The are not exposed to the toxic chemicals in the water supply and in the fields or through their food.  This means that farmers can grow more than one crop with supplements their income and food.


Pact Organic has clothing for everyone.  The have a womens, mens, and kids line.  The other great thing about Pact Organic is their prices.  Many ethical clothing companies tend to be more money, but pact is reasonably priced and have sales often.


My Top 5 Tips For Shopping At TJ Maxx

I would like to start off by saying I hate shopping.  I still have flashbacks from having to try on shirts multiple times in a dressing room with the store employee asking if I’m okay.  I love to do my shopping in my bed and preferably on Amazon.  Recently I’ve started to go to Tj’s to pick up things for my new dog.  I found that Amazon was actually more expensive and the quality was way higher at Tj Maxx.  Like pretty much everything in life, shopping is always better with a few strategies, here’s a few of my tips.

1.Go to your local store, not online


In my opinion, I always find better things at the store that are also less expensive.  The main reason behind this is the online store has more expensive brands and a smaller collection.  For example you can’t buy bras or many home items online.

2. Never go on the weekends


This is one of my biggest rules about Tj Maxx.  On the weekends, the store is packed and sometimes you don’t get to relax and look through everything.  You could miss out on a great deal because you skipped over the section because a woman was standing in the way for ten minutes.

3. Always check the clearance


Even if you’re going there for a black pair of pants you only need for work, always check the clearance (unless you’re strapped for time).  Some of my favorite things for my house I found in the clearance; sometimes you even find some funny stuff you just have to get.

4. Shop during January and July


Stores tend to try to clear out inventory during these months to make room for the new season.  This could be the best time to get your winter jacket or bathing suit.

5. Use the Amazon Price comparison app


All you have to do is simply scan the barcode and you can figure out if you’re getting a good deal.  Everyone knows about the “compare at” price on all their tags.  Well that “compare at” price is sometimes very inflated to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal.

Hanee 21

Hanee 21 is a monthly clothing subscription box.  It is an exclusive boutique style experience and you don’t even have to leave your bed.  They have a group of experts to make sure getting the best fashion and accessories will make you look and feel your best.


This is one of the most innovative and newest online fashion subscription boxes.  Each box could have dresses, shorts, scarves, to jewelry.  For only $35, it is a great deal.


What I got in my box was two shirts and two accessories.  One of the shirts was classic graphic tee which said wild child.  The second one was a black tank with a fringe back.The two accessories were bracelets made out of stone.

7 Boot to Wear This Winter

Two of my main things I love about fall are boots and sweaters.  The trend for sweaters hasn’t changed much over the past decade, but this season boots have popped up with multiple new trends.

1. Chunky Platform


I wish I had the confidence to wear these, and I have a friend back home who would totally rock this style.  What I love about this is it is embarrassing the grunge trend.

Get them here; Dessily, ASOS, Ebay

2. Open Toed


A few weeks ago I was at my brother’s wedding and one of the guests was wearing these and I just had to compliment them.  What I like about them is fall isn’t always freezing and these are great to wear on the days which are a little warmer.

Get them here; Jessica Simpson, Xoxo Belina, JC Penny

3. Velvet


I don’t know if I’m completely on board with the velvet trend.  I love the colors, but sometimes I don’t know how flattering it is.  What I like about this trend is I would never think about velvet being on shoes, meaning it’s something I had to try out.

Get them here; Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, ASOS

4. Buckle


What I like about these are they are a little more edgy and make your outfit a little more badass. They are perfect to wear with a pair of jeans or a casual dress.

Get them here; DSW, Franco Sarto, Miz Mooz

5. Suede Ankle


Suede is pretty much everywhere this season, and sadly I don’t think I own anything that is suede.  What I like about this trend is I think it adds a great neutral color for this season.

Get them here; DSW,, Splendid, Steve Madden

6. Over the Knee Boots


I’ve only ever owned one pair of over the knee boots.  My advice when buying over the knee boots is invest in them.  I tend to buy whatever is cheapest, but in my experience when you do that with over the knee boots they tend to look way too cheap.

Get them here; Target, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman

7. Lace-up


One of my favorite pair of boots is a pair of lace up combat boots I got last black Friday for ridiculously cheap.  There are so many different variations of lace up boots and I’ve never seen a pair I didn’t love.

Get them here; Macys, Target, Urban Outfitters