Pact Organic Is Your One Stop For Ethical Leggings

The fashion industry is not always the most ethical industry in the world.  That is why I like finding brands that are doing business for a purpose.  Pact Organic is committed to organic cotton to minimize their impacts on the environment.  They improve the quality of life and improve conditions of the people who make their clothing.


Pact Organic united the collective vision of responsible manufacturing, cotton farming, values-based shopping, and sustainable and ethical certifications.  Growing organic cotton keeps families and farmers safe.  The are not exposed to the toxic chemicals in the water supply and in the fields or through their food.  This means that farmers can grow more than one crop with supplements their income and food.


Pact Organic has clothing for everyone.  The have a womens, mens, and kids line.  The other great thing about Pact Organic is their prices.  Many ethical clothing companies tend to be more money, but pact is reasonably priced and have sales often.

Why You Need To Know About KVossNYC Cosmetics

A few months ago, I totally did not care about organic or natural anything when it came to cosmetics.  Then I went on Accutane, and quickly learned how important it was to look into what your putting on your skin and hair.


I loved finding new organic companies and learning their story on what motivates them to start their business. Being a small business owner myself, I always try to look for female entrepreneurs I can support just by buying their product.

Kristen Voss started her business four years ago in her tiny kitchen in NYC.  When she was younger her mother had skin cancer.  She never went out in the sun, but she was freckled head to toe with red hair.  When her mother was diagnosed with cancer it didn;t make any sense.


Voss started researching all the products she used to understand what was in the products her mother was using. Skin acts more as a sponge than a barrier. For example when you put something on your skin it goes into your bloodstream faster than if someone ate it. She created products to address all unique skincare needs and are made with the highest quality and effective ingredients.

After being on accutane the two things that are the most dry were my legs and my lips, I wanted to find something that would bring back my smooth skin that I had before taking accutane. Therefore I tried her body lotion and lip balm.


My favorite part of the body lotion was it’s label. Whenever you look at a label of lotion in the drugstore their ingredient list is so tiny it’s a little hard to read because they don’t want you to know exactly what’s in it. Her label clearly showed what exactly is in the lotion. This lotion was perfect to put on your legs right after shaving. It was effective in soothing the damage a razer does to your skin.


The second product I tried was her peppermint lip balm. What I loved about this lip balm was it was very light, while still moisturizing your lips. Also, it had the perfect amount of color for a lip balm.

My Top 5 Tips For Shopping At TJ Maxx

I would like to start off by saying I hate shopping.  I still have flashbacks from having to try on shirts multiple times in a dressing room with the store employee asking if I’m okay.  I love to do my shopping in my bed and preferably on Amazon.  Recently I’ve started to go to Tj’s to pick up things for my new dog.  I found that Amazon was actually more expensive and the quality was way higher at Tj Maxx.  Like pretty much everything in life, shopping is always better with a few strategies, here’s a few of my tips.

1.Go to your local store, not online


In my opinion, I always find better things at the store that are also less expensive.  The main reason behind this is the online store has more expensive brands and a smaller collection.  For example you can’t buy bras or many home items online.

2. Never go on the weekends


This is one of my biggest rules about Tj Maxx.  On the weekends, the store is packed and sometimes you don’t get to relax and look through everything.  You could miss out on a great deal because you skipped over the section because a woman was standing in the way for ten minutes.

3. Always check the clearance


Even if you’re going there for a black pair of pants you only need for work, always check the clearance (unless you’re strapped for time).  Some of my favorite things for my house I found in the clearance; sometimes you even find some funny stuff you just have to get.

4. Shop during January and July


Stores tend to try to clear out inventory during these months to make room for the new season.  This could be the best time to get your winter jacket or bathing suit.

5. Use the Amazon Price comparison app


All you have to do is simply scan the barcode and you can figure out if you’re getting a good deal.  Everyone knows about the “compare at” price on all their tags.  Well that “compare at” price is sometimes very inflated to make it seem like you’re getting a better deal.

4 Ways to Never Lose Your Rings

One of my biggest weaknesses is keeping organize.  You’d be surprised by the things I’ve lost, everything from socks to some of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Jewelry is incredibly easy to loose, but it is also very easy to keep organized if you just add one thing to your life.


What I’m talking about is a ring dish.  It’s the perfect size to keep all your jewelry you wear every day and is small enough for your bathroom sink or your nightside table.  All the items below are made by Elycia Camille, which is a handmade Ceramic Art business on Etsy.

1. The newlyweds


Any bride who opens this gift is going to love it because her husband will always have a safe place to put his wedding ring.  It also is a cute gift for a couple to keep for their new life together.

2. The fashionista


This is perfect for someone who always has new bling they wanna show off.  It’s very important to take your rings off before you go in the water, even for a shower.  This way nothing will get lost or tarnished.

3. Your mother


Just in time for mother’s day! This gift is perfect for any mother.  Over the years you’ve gotten her plenty of jewelry and now she has a place to keep it all.

4. Your Dad


At least, in my opinion, I never know what to get my dad.  This is the perfect gift for your dad to hold on to his cuff links.

4 Steps To Create A Flawless Natural Look

Creating the “natural look” is commonly known as being more challenging than it looks.  The thing is it is if you’re using the wrong products.  These five products from IBY Beauty will make this effortless look actually effortless.

1. Conceal & Highlight Pen


After washing your face in the morning apply this concealer.  This pen does a grat job of covering unwanted dark spots or blemishes.  It also works as a great highlighter, to emphasize your face.

2.  BB Cream


BB cream is perfect to use for a light makeup.  This look is perfect for the summer months.  The reason being is BB Cream also has SPF and your face will be protected from the sun.

3. Brow Tint


First, let me say that this brow tint is absolutely amazing.  A few years ago I got a brow tint and they stopped making it.  And since then I haven’t been able to find anything to come close until this brown tint.

4. Lip Stain Pen


This lip stain is perfect for the right amount of color for your lips.  A common misconception is that you shouldn’t use any lip color for this look, but a little color make it look a lot better.

*This is a sponsored post

13 Things To Wear When Weather Gets Confusing

Even though it’s a little worry some that it’s not snowing this month, I’m enjoying the nice weather.  The only problem is I have no idea what to wear in this in between weather.  It’s too hot for a jacket, scarf, and a hat, but it’s too cool to wear just a sweater.  Here’s the guide we all need for this weather.

1. Lightweight longline bomber


These are great for when you’re going out.  The reason being is it’s still a little chilly to be bare legged, but a longline bomber will keep you warm.

2. Scarfs


It’s the perfect thing to bring with you when you’re unsure about the weather.  If it’s too warm it’s so small you can always just throw it in your bag.

3. Wool coats


I know what you’re thinking, wool? Really? But they are perfect for a day out in inbetween weather.  The reason being is you don’t have to zip or button them up.

4. Light jacket, with a mini tee


I just got a mini tee and love it.  Tees are one of the most underrated tops.  It’s a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of high waisted jeans. A light jacket will keep you cozy when you’re outside.

5. Bright accessories


With warmer weather it’s a great chance to start wearing your favorite baby pink bag that you thought you could only wear in spring and summer.

6. Mini skirts


I did this last week when the weather was so nice, warm, and it was amazing.  Stick to colors that are still wintery like denim, suede, or corduroy.

7. Light sweater


Don’t worry – sweater weather is still not over.  Just trade in your wool knit sweaters for lighter ones.  They are perfect under a light jacket.

8. Statement coats


Remember that leopard print coat you bought thinking you’d wear so much, but it’s always been so cold? Good for you this warmer weather let’s you wear that coat all you want.

9. Sneakers


No need to worry about messing up your converse that you can’t possibly get any type a scuff mark on. Also, sneakers are super cute and way easier to walk in than heels.

10. Leather Moto jackets


These a great because they add the perfect amount of warmth.  They also look amazing zipped up or better yet not zipped.

11. Long sleeve crop tops


These are great for when you’re going out.  Let’s just say this warmer weather has made going out so much better.  You look cute and you’re also not freezing.

12. Draping


No longer is this look for people who think they’re “too cool”.  This is perfect for when you’re walking around town and need a little warmth and love your winter jacket.

13. Overalls


Match your overalls with a sleeveless turtleneck.  It’s perfect for when you’re going in between chilly and warm.  For example going between classes.

7 Stylish Memo Boards For Every College Student

Sitting in class right now the day after spring break could not seem like it could go any slower.  The thing is your brain is still on spring break mode, which is fine. But the problem with that is sometimes your spring break mind can sometimes make you forget about something important you have to do.  Here’s a list of memo boards featuring MagnaMemos on boards for every college student to keep them organized.

Being a college student, the best part about these boards is how light they are.  If you’re living in a dorm or renting an apartment off campus, you can’t use nails or anything stronger than command strips.  These are easy to set up and put anywhere in your home.

1. The World Traveler


If your passport is filled with stamps from all over the world or if you have a wish list of all the places you wish to go in the future, you’ll love this board.  You can make note of the places you want to go, by drawing on the map itself.  The best part of these is they are completely dry erase safe.

2. The Disney Lover


I feel like everyone has a friend who is obsessed with Disney.  This is the perfect gift to get them.

3. The Cat Lover


What cat lover wouldn’t want to write their daily to-do list on this board.   It’s purfect for someone who loves their cat more than anything.

4. The Wine Lover


Because sometimes you need a reminder after that long day at work to stop and get yourself your favorite type of wine.

5. The Vintage Lover


If you love going to thrift stores on the weekend, this is a perfect place to write down a vintage clothing piece that you’re looking for.

6. The Beach Lover


All these memo boards at Magna Memos have a different frame that perfectly matches their photo.  This is perfect for anyone who loves the beach and wants something to remind them of it.

7. The Organizer


If you’re the person that plans everything out in a month, this is your board.  You have a dot for every day, there’s no way you’re going to forget anything.

The Fashion World Would Not Be The Same Without These Refugees

The reason I started this blog way back when was to show that fashion is more than just clothing, it’s about making a statement.  Even though it may seem longer, Trump has only been president for a month, and so far he’s signed multiple executive orders that have upset Americans.  His most popular being the “muslim” ban.  This ban “prohibits nearly all citizens from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days”.


Trump did this to “protect” our country.  What I don’t think he understands is that these people are coming to America to start a new life and be safe.  They go through years of screenings and background checks to come here.  Most importantly there has been no attacks made from any refugee entering in the United States.


The fashion industry has greatly impressed me by the statements and stand they are making with this ban.  Teen Vogue has completely changed and has political articles and are showing young women how to be educated about the topic and make sure they have a voice.

Halima Aden

Halima Aden made one of the biggest runway impacts this past fashion week in New York City by simply being herself.  Aden stepped out on Kanye West’s Yeezy show wearing her hijab.  She was proudly representing Muslim women at one of the biggest shows.  Aden was born in a Kenyan refugee camp.


“My goal is to send a message to Muslim women and young women everywhere that it’s okay to break stereotypes and be yourself,” she says. “Always stay true to who you are—barriers can and will be broken!”


Aden is on her way to break even more of them.  She has a photo shoot with fashion legend Mario Sorrenti. “I haven’t received any pressure to be anything other than myself,” she says, “and for that, I am so grateful.”

Alek Wek


In 1991 Wek fled to Britain  to escape the Civil War in Sudan. She now lives in Brooklyn, New York.  When she was only 14 she enrolled in London’s College of Fashion.  One day in 1995 Wek was discovered in an outdoor market in Crystal Palace, London.


She appeared in a Tina Turner music video then signed to Ford Models.  Since 2002 she has been an advisor to the U.S. Committee for Refugees Advisory Council.  That Council helps raise awareness about the situation in Sudan as well as refugees worldwide.

Ataui Deng


Deng came to the United States when she was 12; she was one of the 3,500 Sudanese refugees that fled their war-ravaged country for the US in 2004.  When she was 16 she signed with Trump’s agency, and quickly was whisked away to walk runways all over the world and part of high profile campaigns.  Corinne Nicolas who is the president of Trump Model Management, told the San Antonio Express-News, “I think Ataui, through the hardships that she’s had in life, through what she’s seen, it’s probably made her stronger.”


All of the models in Trump’s business are foreigners, and are not permitted to work in the US because they only have tourist visas.  Michael Wildes who is Trumps own immigration attorney, said, “This is not the way you deal with people’s lives.”

Angok Mayen


Mayen escaped a terrible civil war in South Sudan and setting in Syracuse in 2013.  She started doing some photo shoots, but for money she took part time jobs at Marshalls and TjMaxx.  One day while working she met Cushman and has since been on two issues of Vogue Italia, many American magazines, and Esprit Clothing campaign.  Since moving to America, Mayen has worked for these glamorous opportunities.  As a refugee, her vision of the American Dream involved education and stability.


Monica Phromsavanh


Monica is from a small town in northern Argentina where her family lived as refugees after leaving the violence and chaos of the secret war in southwest Asia.  “We lived a life of poverty that only a refugee could know,” said Phromsavanh. “Hundreds of families lived in a warehouse without electricity or running water. Work was sporadic and often impossible to find. We didn’t speak Spanish and the Laotian people were subject to harassment and treated with little respect.”


She dropped out of school at 14 and began working 60-hour weeks.  She stood on her feet from morning to night in a dusty warehouse in Buenos Aires. Instead of focusing on the small paycheck and the horrible working conditions she cherished the opportunity to be independent. “For the first time in my life, I could afford groceries, shoes, and a winter coat. That meant the world to me, and I was happy,” she said.


After taking a trip to Laos she decided to start Modabox. “I was ready to create something worthy of the business acumen I had developed over the years, and that matched the potential I knew I had,” she said. “I wanted to reach a greater audience than I could through a traditional retail setting.” Modabox provides the convenience of a personal stylist for online shopping.  Modabox created fully styled outfits delivered to your door.

7 Reasons Why Being Single on Valentines Day Is Lit AF

I have to disagree with Taylor, staying in on Valentine’s day with your friends is nothing but pathetic.  Even though every romantic comedy makes it seem like is impossible to be happy single. You don’t need anyone, but yourself to be happy.  You are a strong independent women who don’t need no man.

1. You don’t have to spend any time picking out something he “might” like


I have two older brothers and still have no idea what to get a guy in any situation.  I usually write something dirty, but probably shouldn’t do that cause well, I’m single so clearly doesn’t work.

2. You can look as fancy or as ratchet As You Want


The best part of staying in is you don’t have to wait 45 minutes to get into a so-so restaurant in your town than to get seated next to some couple who is feeding each other chocolate cake.  When you stay in your friends and put frozen food in the oven and bake some chocolate goodies.

3. No disappointment


After being in a relationship for the past year, only thing amazing about being single is there’s no disappointment.  Here’s my trick talk to at least three guys, therefore you can’t ever build up expectations.  Also, I’ve gone through planning pretty romantic things to never be what I thought it would be.  Long story short any girl who rants about how great her boyfriend was on V-day, it probably wasn’t that lit.

4. Boys come and go, best friends stay through it all


The best part of a girls night in is you don’t have to worry about feeling alone.  You are surrounded by the people that will have your back no matter what.

5.  You don’t have to share


Oh, your boyfriend bought you a box of chocolate, but you didn’t get any?  The best thing about any holiday regarding candy is the day after everything is half off.  You can have all the candy you want and can eat that toffee bar that you normally let him have.

6. You can do WHATEVER you want


No Taylor you don’t. Every article about being single on Valentines Day says that if you’re single that it’s just a normal day, but why does it have to be? Do something you want to do, just cause you’re single doesn’t mean you have to go home watch mad men, and shit on guys.  Treat ‘yo self.

7. You can meet someone new on Valentines Day


Just cause it’s on some random day in the middle of the week doesn’t mean you can’t go out.  Go out, wear that cute top you’ve been needing a reason to wear. Meeting new people is a great thing, which we don’t (at least my generation) doesn’t take advantage of.

8 Outfits For Tinder Dates to Love to First Sight Dates

1. The Tinder Date

You have both swiped right and the conversation started.  You and your roommate creeped through his Facebook and he doesn’t look like a serial killer and your two mutual friends say he is a good guy. 

So now what do you do walk out in your yogas and a sweatshirt?

In my experience with tinder (yeah not so proud of it, but its college right?) a tinder date is watching Netflix.  Be casual and dress comfortably.  I just read an article that said to wear a dress to a tinder date just no please don’t.  Jeans sneakers and a shirt are perfect tinder date apparel. 
(p.s Real nice guys do not say they’re nice guys)

2. The Blind Date

 The thing about a blind date is it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing because no offense few guys know about women’s fashion.  A blind date is about learning about the person you are on a date with.  Probably before social media, this is a bigger issue but you don’t know anything about this person so take more time learning about our date then worry if your shirt matches your shoes.  

For this date, chances are it’s on a weekday and you will have to go after work or class.  For this date, I would dress in the middle of dressy and casual.  Wearing a shirt and a skirt is the most dressed up you really need to be. 

3. The ‘Set Up By Grandma’ Date

 Chances are you have been dreading this date all week, well unless the women in grandma’s book club is the mother of Theo James (if only).  But you never know Grandma might have found your prince charming.  
For this outfit dress respectful.  Here’s a little tip of mine, never wear low cut clothing on a first date if you want the relationship to last.  Your boobs will not catch a good relationship your brain will.  Not saying borrow your grandmothers clothing but dress up, look cute and classy. 

4. The Eharmony Date

Now that we are in the time where now you can find a husband by paying a website 9.99 every month is something that is pretty interesting and strange.  The things about these sites are they make questionnaires and you have a profile.  Chances are when you are going on the date your date already knows things about you.  

You do you.  That means dress how you want to and don’t let any magazine or Jenny your office partner tell you what to wear.  Also with these dates, it could be anything because it’s about sharing interests.  If you both are red socks fans wearing a LBD to Fenway park might be a little much.  

5. The Is this or isn’t this a Date

Did the cute guy in your office ask you out to drinks to get to know you better or did he ask to get some advice on his new account?  This is a situation I’m pretty sure everyone has been in at least one time in their life.  Like cute hem lab partners, why do schools do this to us?

In this situation, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.  With the accessories do not go overboard wearing a cute pair of heels is perfect.  Also if it is not a date then you can say you’re going out with the girls later or if it is a date, well I’ll leave that up to you. 

6. The Ex-Date

Whether you broke it off with him or he did with you look flawless either way.  Always dress for where you are going, whether you are going to dinner or meeting at Central Park, it does not mean you have to dress down or up. Blair wears heels in Central Park so can you. 
For this I’m leaving it up to you, wear your favorite outfit or the sweater he loved on you.  The advice I want to give you is do not go over the top, there is no need to take as long a Kim does to get ready.  Chances are he’s seen you without any makeup on so if you show up with a different skin color he might notice.  

7. The Classmate Date

Chances are he has seen you with two hours of sleep and you didn’t have enough time to make coffee.   Long story short he’s seen you at your worse.  
For this outfit I would dress in something you have not worn to class and if you wake up 15 minutes before class like me something that you have put a little more effort in.  Even though they say guys never notice anything I have to give them a little more credit.  Take the couple minutes and straighten your hair to put on a new necklace.  

8. The Romeo And Juliet Date

You met at your friend from works New Years Eve Party and when the clock hit midnight you both locked eyes.  Out of all the dates, this one is going to be the hardest one because your nerves will start to kick in.  
For this outfit, you are going to be asking everyone what they think you should wear even your postman.  My advice is to ask one person, your ally, the one person that will tell you the honest truth but in a nice way.  My advice is wear something that you are comfortable in and something that won’t make you more nervous.  The last thing you want is having to worry if your new dress is too short, too low cut, or the zipper only zipped up half way and last minute you have to think of something else to wear.