4 Steps to Have a Spa Day at Home

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There’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, but like most kids my age who are not privileged enough with a sweet trust fund, we should probably spend our money on food and rent before going to the spa.  ToGoSpa offers these sweet and inexpensive eye treatments to bring the spa to the comfort of your own living room.

1. Cut Off All Technology 

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 The best and easiest way to relax is to cut off any technology.  It’s very under thought, but technology can be very stressful – especially today. When you start your at home spa day, turn your phone off and find that book you’ve been wanting to read.

2. Wear a Bathrobe 

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There is no need to wear anything less than what’s extremely comfortable. Wear that robe you bought and never wear because honestly sitting in bed wrapped in a soft robe is pretty comfy. 

3. At Home Relaxers 

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Put on some light relaxing background music or some relaxing nature sounds. It’s not worth it to spend a Saturday just relaxing and having some me time for a change.

4. ToGoSpa 

This will become your spa bae. DIY beauty treatments do work, but they can sometimes be a mess. These are classic and simple. They also help you feel more relaxed because they also act as a cold compress. 

Nourish Organic Saved my Skin

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Acne has always been a problem for me..  Even though it’s not clinically horrible, it never seems to go away.  I do face masks, medications, weird DIY things I find on the Internet.

I went to the doctor a little over a month ago and got a new acne medicine.  In the first night I applied it on my face, my skin went from oily with acne to extremely dry with even more acne.   For someone who has always had oily skin, I had no idea what to do.  I know what masks and how long until my foundation makes my skin oily, but I had no idea how to solve and cover up this dry skin.

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After using lots of lotions and body butters, I used the Fair Trade Shea Butter lotion from Nourish Organic.  During break, I got a job as a hostess at a local restaurant and I went in with dry skin everyday. This wasn’t an option.

The Fair Trade lotion was perfect at helping me fix my dry skin.  It took a couple of nights for my dry skin to get back to normal.  What surprised me the most was that the lotion did not add any extra oiliness when I used it under my concealer and foundation.
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If you’re struggling with winter dry skin like me, I highly recommend this product to make your skin go from dry to dazzling!