I Went Braless For A Month And Am Never Going Back

I would just like to start off that this was one of the best experiments I’ve ever done, even better when I did the mentos and diet Pepsi experiments in the 7th grade.


I got this idea because I was getting very annoyed with bras.  My top reason was that they are expensive, uncomfortable, and I wanted to find out if they were even necessary.  There’s been many studies that there is no benefit to wearing a bra.  According to a recent French study, boobs gain more tone and support when you don’t wear a bra. The study found that when you’re wearing a bra “supporting tissues will not grow and even they will wither and the breast will gradually degrade.” That means you’re basically atrophying your boobs when wearing a bra.


A little about my relationship with bras.  I’ve been wearing a bra since probably the 6th grade. My bra size is a 32C: not that small, not that big.  I started going braless when I started my semester after winter break.


At first, it is a little weird going braless. Before this, the only time I was braless was when I was sleeping.  You do feel a little bare and feel like everyone can notice because you’re not used to not wearing anything to support your girls throughout the day.

The first thing I realized was how much more comfortable I was during the day.  I’m a broke college student, therefore no fancy Victoria’s Secret bras for me.  I would get indents from the wires and was constantly moving them to make them more comfortable.


Then, when the weekend came around, I was getting ready to go out and I thought, “is this too much?”  After a few times, I got use to the idea and I gained more confidence about my boobs.  I always wasn’t very positive about them because they’re not that big.

When I was working out or wearing a shirt that I thought was too revealing to wear to class without one, I wore a bralette.   What I would do is buy a sports bra that looked very similar to a bralette and it was one of the most comfortable things ever.  I would wear it under all my open knit sweaters.  My name sweater got a classic sexy look.


Lastly, I want to comment on the comments I got for going braless.  The first thing I would like to say is that no one realized I wasn’t wearing a bra.  The people I told were very supportive of the project and gave me advice on my outfits – seeing if you could tell I wasn’t wearing one or if it was too inappropriate.

The last thing I want to talk about is how guys viewed it.  I would like to say first and foremost that a way a woman dresses is not an invitation and I didn’t do this to get any type of attention from guys.  But I did get a response from a guy I was talking to at the time.  I told him what I was going braless and he said, “so you’re trying to get fucked?” First off, I think any girl doesn’t have to not wear a bra to get hit on.  Also, going up to a girl and instantly looking at her chest isn’t going to get you anywhere.

After the end of the month, I took out all my bras from the dresser and put them away.  The only reason I would ever wear one now if for some reason I had a formal event where it was mandatory. With bralettes being as cute as they are and as comfy, there doesn’t really seem to be a need for me to ever own a bra again.

This Cute Teepee is the Trendiest Dog Bed

Going through Etsy is one of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to “take a break” from doing my homework.  A little over a month ago I came across MiniCamplt.  Mini Camp is an Etsy shop that sells mainly teepees for pets and children.  When I saw it I knew I had to get one for my little puppy.


What I love initially about this teepee was how easy it was to put together.  I’ll be honest, I suck at putting things together and initially had thought, “where do these poles go?”  After I figured out that they were used along the base to hold together the teepee, it took me about two minutes to put together.


There are many teepees for sale on Etsy, some are very colorful, and others are classic canvas.  What I love about this one is it’s not overly flashy.  There’s little details that make this teepee cute and adorable.  The front has little balls going down the opening and can be tied back.  The same little cotton balls go around the pet bed that is also included with the teepee.  This tent is all about the little details.  The top poles sticking out have two larger pom poms hanging from it.

My advice when getting a teepee is get a few pillows to fill out the back, especially if you’re getting it for a child.  This will make it more comfy and also the same Etsy company sells adorable pillows.

This Candle Company Makes Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Foods

There a few things I love about living off campus.  The first is no more gross dorm food and the other is no room inspections.  Therefore, I can have all the lava lamps, wine, and most importantly, candles I want.  Now that I have this freedom I wanted to try out some interesting scents and came across, Ahnas Sweet Soy Candles and asked them if they wanted to make a partnership.

The owner, Ahna, absolutely loves to be crafty and creative.  When she became interested in learning the art of making scented soy candles at home, she became obsessed with it.  She was inspired to create something different and unique, something that would really reflect herself and her love of all things sweet, girly, and pink.

1. Fruity Loops


This was the first one I wanted to try out because I had no idea how this would make a candle.  The best part about soy candles is they last longer, are less toxic and in my opinion, have a better smell.  This candle smelled just like the cereal you loved as a kid.

2. Blueberry Pancakes


Each candle comes with two pieces of taffy, something I didn’t know. I was having a rough day and this turned it right around.This candle is my favorite to light when I wake up in the morning.  It’s very welcoming and reminds me of home cooked waffles.

3. Box Of Chocolates

IMG_0886 (1).jpg

I got these candles right before Valentine’s Day, and this was the best candle for that day.  It’s perfect for when you want to smell something sweet, but are too lazy to cook anything.

Bath Melts are a College Students Resource to Relieving Stress

If you want to relieve stress, you have to actually relax – it’s one of the most important aspects. In college, it’s easy to realize how much stress you’re under, but it can sometimes be difficult to find an easy way to relieve it. In my opinion, exposing yourself to a good scent and creating a relaxing environment is a very easy way to relieve stress.


In my opinion, bath bombs are perfect for a night when you can make your own spa day, but not for the everyday.  Bath bombs tend to be more expensive and sometimes even a little overwhelming. If you want a classic comforting bath – try bath melts.


I loved how natural these bath melts felt. Bath melts from IrishWildAtlanticWay are free from detergents, propylene glycol, SLS/SLES, paraben and other unnecessary ingredients.

Another and probably the best thing about bath melts is the price, especially being a college student. One bath bomb can be as much as ten dollars, while you can get 8 melts for the same price.

7 Sexy Ways To Wear Velvet

When I was in elementary school I honestly would never be caught dead in velvet. For some reason, I thought it was the equivalent to wearing Crocs to a formal event.  But there is not one trend right now that I’m more obsessed with.

1. Leggings


Starting off with the most classic and traditional way to wear velvet.  These are perfect for the winter months when you don’t feel like wearing pants. Cause, well 8 am’s are probably the worst.

2. Bodysuits


Even though everyone said to ditch bodysuits in 2017, I will try to keep the trend alive and I want you to also.  The reason being is it is impossible to get the perfect tucked in look.  Also, they are great to show off the shape of your body.

3. Sock boots


When you think of velvet, the last thing you probably think about is them on shoes, but there are actually a bunch of new shoe designs using velvet that I just love.  These are perfect for going out or honestly just wearing to class when you want to look a little dressy.

4. Chokers


Velvet black chokers are cool and super popular, but I love the colored velvet choker.  Even colors you wouldn’t think would look good, for example green looks great.

5. Dresses


There are so many different types of velvet dresses that are popular.  My three favorite are the wrapped dress, slip dresses, and bodycon dresses.

6. Jumpsuits


This one surprised me the most that I decided to put it in the article.  I said earlier that I never liked velvet, well the same goes for jumpsuits. I never thought they were flattering to body types, but there’s something about a black velvet jumpsuit I love.

7. Crop Tops

If you love wearing crop tops, but believe that you can’t wear them pass the warm summer weather, velvet crop tops create the perfect opportunity to wear them out in the winter months.

My Accutane Journey Month One

In August of 2016 I started Isotretinoin which is most commonly known as Accutane.  “Accutane is a form of vitamin A. It reduces the amount of oil released by oil glands in your skin, and helps your skin renew itself more quickly. Accutane is used to treat severe nodular acne. It is usually given after other acne medicines or antibiotics have been tried without successful treatment of symptoms.” (Source: http://www.drug.com).

Starting Accutane was honestly one of the weirdest experiences ever.  What I’m talking about is I went to the dermatologist and they asked me what kind of treatments I looked into.  The second I mentioned Accutane, my doctor immediately got a smile of his face.

The reason I decided to write this blog is because being on Accutane is a process and I wanted to give support to people who are currently taking the drug.  I am in no way a doctor and if you’re experiencing any side effects you should really call your doctor because honestly, my medical knowledge I owe to Grey’s Anatomy.

I’m writing this in my last month of using Accutane.  The reason I decided to do that was because when I got on Accutane I was freaking out over the side effects and went to YouTube for comfort.  What I found there was a bunch of other people freaking out about the same thing I was. So you can guess it didn’t make me feel any better.  I wanted to write this with a clear head and not in a rant type of fashion.

What I experienced month one: 30mg a day

The biggest – and pretty much the only thing – my doctor told me about being on Accutane is it makes your lips dry AF.  I never thought this would affect my life at all, but it made me super self-conscious because I always thought people were looking at my lips.  During the second week, they started to bleed on the creases of my lips.  Also, my gums started to bleed.

The second or third day of Accutane, I made the biggest mistake you could possibly do while on Accutane: I dyed my hair.  Accutane is very powerful and even that early everything was starting to dry out.  I completely burned my scalp and it was horrible.

With Accutane, it’s normal to break out initially.  My acne was never cystic and was only on my face.  I never had severe acne, it was just extremely persistent.  I was on topical creams and antibiotics and my skin always had pimples.  Within two weeks on Accutane, my face completely cleared up.

The biggest thing during month one that freaked me out was my hair.  After dying it, my hair started falling out like crazy and like any normal person, I started Googling (which is the worst thing to do).  When this happens to you, just relax – you’re not going to go bald. My hair definitely thinned out, but no one could tell.

Before Accutane, I had very very oily skin to the point where I would shower midday and have to put on my makeup again.  On Accutane, I can put on my makeup at 7am and it looks the same at 3am.

The first month of Accutane, I was in a lot of pain physically. I had horrible lower back pain to the point that I wasn’t sleeping and would have to take medicine for it to go away.

Last thing I want to touch on is your mood while on Accutane. Every month at your doctor appointments you have to be counseled. Accutane has a warning that is causes depression and suicidal thoughts. My mood during the first month was very unlike myself – it made me super irritable and more impatient than I already am.

My tips for month one:

Skin: Moisturize (I’m the worst at this). The best thing to do is leave a bottle of lotion in your shower and put it on every time you take a shower. It’s way better to moisturize before it becomes a problem.

Hair: Don’t wash it every day.  I had very oily hair and would have to shampoo my hair every day.

During Accutane your body doesn’t produce oil; therefore, I only conditioned my hair.  Lastly, on hair: no heat products during Accutane – it’s so bad.

Take the Internet with a grain of salt. Yes, I get this is ironic because of this article, but you should still read all of mine. When I was worried about my hair, it just stressed me out more watching videos and going though ance.com posts.  But, the Internet is great for finding products that work to solve any Accutane problems.

What Really Goes Down In The Dm? A Code To How Guys Use Instagram

Instagram has quickly became the most popular social media platform used by people my age.  Over this past break, I got the lowdown about how guys used Instagram and it made me a little interested to know if what my friend thought was true, was actually how guys use this platform.


Last year I was in a room with the guy I was seeing at the time and a group of his friends.  One of his friends pulls out his phone and starts analysing this girl’s profile, seeing if she was cool enough to hook up with.

I haven’t had a personal Instagram for a few years now and when I did it was pretty much pictures of my dog and when I went out to eat I’d take a pic.  A few weeks ago, I got a text from a friend asking me to “approve” of her Instagram. The photo was clearly edited and staged, which kinda surprised me.


Today people go to extreme lengths to get attention from people on social media.  From editing their photos to going through the “following” setting on Instagram to see what their friends are liking.

I decided I wanted some answers to some of the things my friends were talking about, when talking about the guys that interact with them on Instagram.

1. How do you use Instagram?


“Let’s just say Instagram is on that bottom toolbar of my most used apps on my phone, right next to my messages app.” The answers I got for this question were pretty much all the same.  The guy would check it a few times a day to stay connected to their friends as well as keeping their friends updated on their life.

2.What entices you to like a girl’s photo? ( ex. To get her attention, or is it a harmless)


“I mean, I never usually have ulterior motives, usually it’s like, wow! She looks really nice, I’ll leave a like! Or sometimes someone will make an edgy joke or post a sweet meme I’ll give that shit a like.”  This was one of the questions I was most interested, and here’s the reason why.  For this experiment, I went through the following setting to see what photos the guy I followed like.  Every guy I interviewed said they check Instagram a couple times a day, but only one of them liked a photo that day.  The guy in question said “Attractiveness plays a role” and the photos he liked were both of girls.  I also found it was very rare that a guy would come up in the “following” section and when they did the photo was in some way related to sports.

3. Have you ever DM someone on Instagram? If so why?


“Yes, because that was the only form of contact I had with my lab partner in a college class. Also, I’m a part of a couple lit group meme sharing group chats.”  Out of the guys I asked, their DM’s consisted of group chats with friends sharing memes.

4. Have you ever posted a photo of your GF because you did something wrong?

This question had a little bit of a personal incentive to get the answer to why guys did appreciation posts.  Over the past summer, I had a friend who cheated on his girlfriend of years.  Instead of owning up to his infidelity he posted a photo of her on his Instagram in order to solve his relationship issues.  “I try to not get in that situation in the first place but if I do I generally try to apologize in person rather than posting a picture.”  All the guys had the same consensus that they wouldn’t post a photo in order to solve a problem, but one thing did come up interesting.


Whenever I start talking to any guy the first thing I do is creep through his social media.  Not to find out who he is, but to find out if he also has a girlfriend.  “One time we argued and she posted a pic of us from my Instagram and I didn’t take it down if that counts. It was a pretty dope photo though regardless of the circumstance.” Going through his Instagram before this photo it didn’t look like he had a girlfriend, which he has been dating for over a year.  The girl even tagged herself in the photo she posted to make sure no one was confused she was his babe.

5. What makes you post a photo on Insta?


Girls tend to post on Instagram multiple times a week, while guys might post about four times a year.  Guys will post on a larger event “Life events, share a memory.”  Rather than just their pink drink on Instagram.

6. Do you Insta creep? If so, on who?


Of all the guys, the most I got them to admit they Insta creep was “I sometimes Insta creep on people who I just met or don’t know too well just to get a better feel of them or see what their interests are.” Out of all the guys I interviewed only one admitted to creeping on more than once.  “Honestly, yeah. I have an Instagram for my band as well, and I’ve used that to creep on my ex.” A guy sees someone’s photo for about a millisecond, and even if they do like it they’re not analyzing it, because they’ve already moved on.  There is really no reason to need to have a “perfect” feed because the only one creeping on you is your friends or people you don’t even talk to anymore in high school.

7. Do you analyse girls profiles? (ex. Oh she looks cool, just from her photos)


c0ecd9a5808cd9989f7eebacbde66449.gifThis brings it back to the extreme editing and photoshopping girls do on their photos.  The only reason someone edits a photo is to get more attention.  Celebrities are edited on magazines because well society’s version of attractiveness isn’t realistic.  Out of all the guys one found the secret to pretty much everyone’s Instagram, “Hahaha I judge a couple of my friends’ profiles who I KNOW just post on Insta to look like they have a cool life. Here’s a shocker, they actually have a shallow personality.”   I’ve had a friend tell me that she makes sure her feed is always perfect because she wants guys to go through and think “she’s cool” and start talking to her.  But the thing is, you can’t tell who someone is from a photo and a short caption, they are just seeing the looks.  “No, usually if it’s a girl’s profile, it’s just “she’s hot”, find some more hot photos and move on to the next one that’s sent to me via MLD or explore.”


“I would say most of the time I judge people based on their profile whether I mean to or not.”  When Instagram first started pretty much no one shared selfies and now it’s pretty rare someone posts a photo of just their meal.  Instagram was probably started as a way to share photos, but now some people think their self-worth is defined by how many likes they get on a photo.  And if it’s not as many likes as the others, they delete it.

*When looking for gifs for this photo, I search Judging gif.  What came up was a bunch of gifs of girls doing the stink eye.  Life isn’t the bachelor, but it seems that girls are still competing for guys and giving “stink eyes” other girls.  Let’s try to end that.

8. Do you use social media to get girls attention?

This is one of the most talked about aspects of Instagram and even more now that they have the story feature.  For this question it was split,  the guys I interviewed for who used it for attention and those who don’t.  “I don’t specifically use social media for this purpose but I can’t say it doesn’t cross my mind when posting.”  None of them completely said it was their whole purpose of posting a photo because they do only post when something interesting happened in their life therefore their posts are not that direct.


What is most misconstrued is that it means anything that they look at your story first.  It doesn’t mean they like you, it only means they happen to be on their phone at that moment.  It’s actually even worse if they’re the first one to view it every time cause that means they have nothing better to do.  It only means something if they never view it for a consistent amount of time.

9. Are there certain people that you get happy when they like your photo?


Pretty much every guy admitted to getting happy when someone particular likes their photo.  “Yes definitely, I’m even guilty of looking at who likes my pictures.” Only one guy said, “I like when I get likes. Period. (I’m desperate.) Or I don’t really care. I don’t know, it depends what kind of mood I’m in.”

10. If you’re in a relationship and you like other girls photos, is it all harmless?


“Totally harmless, I would never cyber cheat.”  With the “following” section on Instagram pretty much your every move is tracked, unless the person you’re following is private.  That being said, if someone you’re dating is liking a girls photo it probably means nothing.  Not saying if you do have some suspicions you should ignore them, but talk to him before going cray.

11.  What really goes down in the DM?


Many of the guys I interviewed said the only thing that fills up their DMs are group chats where they mainly send memes.  When asked what they typically thought about what goes down in the DM I got this response.  “You tell me, come find my DMs @…. I like to imagine it as “hey, I looked through the last 5 months of your Instagram history.” “awwww, thats so sweet and not creepy at all.” “yeah, I had a boner the whole time? U want mak fuk?!” “of course I would love to be nude and alone in a building with you!” All of the guys I interviewed, the only thing they admitted to going down in the DM was getting someone’s phone number.  Therefore if any guy is DMing you he is probably a weirdo.  There are so many normal ways to get someone’s photo today and therefor if his only way to contact you is through a DM he’s not worth it.

5 Prom Dresses That Will Stop All The Haters

Even though it is a little early for Prom season, it’s never too early to start.  The best part about Prom is it’s you can wear whatever you want.  That lace prom dress you been lusting after for years is fair game

Sweetheart Silk-like Satin Sweep Train

.  This is a sponsored post featuring MillyBridal.org.

1. Chiffon Tulle with Beading

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.49.06 PM.pngWhat I love about this dress is how it’s not overwhelming and a classic look.  Also, this dress comes in multiple colors, therefore you can find the perfect color for you.

2. Sweetheart Silk-like Satin Sweep Train

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.54.13 PM.pngMy favorite part of this dress is not just the neckline, but also the fit. This dress is perfect for showing off your body type and all your curves.

3. Trumpet/Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Tulle


If you want to wear red this is your dress.  It had a very interesting neckline and also shows off your shape, while also making a statement with the skirt.

4. High Neck Gray Tulle

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.59.00 PM.png

When it comes to dresses this is my favorite neck line.  The reason being is it shows off your arms and usually has a pretty open back.  Of the dresses, this one is my favorite.  I’m a little too old for prom, but I may start dating a frat boy just to go to formal and wear this dress.

5. Pretty Scoop Neck Tulle Beading

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 2.03.36 PM.png

If you want to catch everyone’s attention at prom, wear a short dress.  At my prom, I think only one person wore a short dress.  After dancing all night, stepping on my dress, I don’t know why I didn’t wear a short dress.

8 Outfits For Tinder Dates to Love to First Sight Dates

1. The Tinder Date

You have both swiped right and the conversation started.  You and your roommate creeped through his Facebook and he doesn’t look like a serial killer and your two mutual friends say he is a good guy. 

So now what do you do walk out in your yogas and a sweatshirt?

In my experience with tinder (yeah not so proud of it, but its college right?) a tinder date is watching Netflix.  Be casual and dress comfortably.  I just read an article that said to wear a dress to a tinder date just no please don’t.  Jeans sneakers and a shirt are perfect tinder date apparel. 
(p.s Real nice guys do not say they’re nice guys)

2. The Blind Date

 The thing about a blind date is it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing because no offense few guys know about women’s fashion.  A blind date is about learning about the person you are on a date with.  Probably before social media, this is a bigger issue but you don’t know anything about this person so take more time learning about our date then worry if your shirt matches your shoes.  

For this date, chances are it’s on a weekday and you will have to go after work or class.  For this date, I would dress in the middle of dressy and casual.  Wearing a shirt and a skirt is the most dressed up you really need to be. 

3. The ‘Set Up By Grandma’ Date

 Chances are you have been dreading this date all week, well unless the women in grandma’s book club is the mother of Theo James (if only).  But you never know Grandma might have found your prince charming.  
For this outfit dress respectful.  Here’s a little tip of mine, never wear low cut clothing on a first date if you want the relationship to last.  Your boobs will not catch a good relationship your brain will.  Not saying borrow your grandmothers clothing but dress up, look cute and classy. 

4. The Eharmony Date

Now that we are in the time where now you can find a husband by paying a website 9.99 every month is something that is pretty interesting and strange.  The things about these sites are they make questionnaires and you have a profile.  Chances are when you are going on the date your date already knows things about you.  

You do you.  That means dress how you want to and don’t let any magazine or Jenny your office partner tell you what to wear.  Also with these dates, it could be anything because it’s about sharing interests.  If you both are red socks fans wearing a LBD to Fenway park might be a little much.  

5. The Is this or isn’t this a Date

Did the cute guy in your office ask you out to drinks to get to know you better or did he ask to get some advice on his new account?  This is a situation I’m pretty sure everyone has been in at least one time in their life.  Like cute hem lab partners, why do schools do this to us?

In this situation, you can never go wrong with a little black dress.  With the accessories do not go overboard wearing a cute pair of heels is perfect.  Also if it is not a date then you can say you’re going out with the girls later or if it is a date, well I’ll leave that up to you. 

6. The Ex-Date

Whether you broke it off with him or he did with you look flawless either way.  Always dress for where you are going, whether you are going to dinner or meeting at Central Park, it does not mean you have to dress down or up. Blair wears heels in Central Park so can you. 
For this I’m leaving it up to you, wear your favorite outfit or the sweater he loved on you.  The advice I want to give you is do not go over the top, there is no need to take as long a Kim does to get ready.  Chances are he’s seen you without any makeup on so if you show up with a different skin color he might notice.  

7. The Classmate Date

Chances are he has seen you with two hours of sleep and you didn’t have enough time to make coffee.   Long story short he’s seen you at your worse.  
For this outfit I would dress in something you have not worn to class and if you wake up 15 minutes before class like me something that you have put a little more effort in.  Even though they say guys never notice anything I have to give them a little more credit.  Take the couple minutes and straighten your hair to put on a new necklace.  

8. The Romeo And Juliet Date

You met at your friend from works New Years Eve Party and when the clock hit midnight you both locked eyes.  Out of all the dates, this one is going to be the hardest one because your nerves will start to kick in.  
For this outfit, you are going to be asking everyone what they think you should wear even your postman.  My advice is to ask one person, your ally, the one person that will tell you the honest truth but in a nice way.  My advice is wear something that you are comfortable in and something that won’t make you more nervous.  The last thing you want is having to worry if your new dress is too short, too low cut, or the zipper only zipped up half way and last minute you have to think of something else to wear.  

3 Valentines Day Gifts For the Newly Single

Nothing is worse than getting your heart broken right before Valentines Day.  You’re sitting at home going through your social network feeds seeing all your friends gift and romantic dinner dates there on.  Here are some gifts to give one of your friends you have just gone through a recent heartbreak.

1. Wine is My Valentine T-Shirt

Stop by the store and grab a bottle of wine, chocolate, cheese, and some good chick flick.  Sometimes after a breakup going out is only a temporary way to get your mind off how you are feeling.  You just need that night to cry eat high-calorie foods because it does make you feel better to just cry it out.

2. Break Up Mug

If the breakup was over something bad the other person did a humorous mug might be a good way to help a friend get over a douchebag.  If you want to make it yourself just buy a white mug and a sharpie and bake it for ten minutes at 275.

3. Ryan Gosling Earrings

Give these to a friend to remind her that the god guys are still out there.  You don’t have to buy pretty much anything with Ryan’s face on it will make anyone smile.